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Feature: Eco-friendly and non-toxic material and with a strong cover function. Use the repair pen to restore small scratches and corrosion. For vehicles that have recently been waxed or coated, it is recommended to use alcohol, etc. Before painting, the bump on the bumper can be repaired with sandpaper or with a small knife to make the repair more effective. Description: Item Type: Car PaintRepairing Pen Color: Pure black / Black Pearl/ Flash Silver/ Pure White/ White pearl/ Light silver/ Titanium silver/ Silver gray/ Red/ Dark blue pearl/ Ice blue/ Emperor/ Golden champagne Repaired area: 0.08 square meters Capacity: 12ML Weight: 23g

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  • Product category: Auto products
  • Product condition: New
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  • Weight of packing: 1g
  • Package size: 1mm x 1mm x 1mm